Pool Industry Inflation Calculation

Inflation is impacting every aspect of our lives, but it’s especially threatening for pool service businesses and the livelihood of their employees. Across the industry, increased costs for chemicals, gas for service vehicles, labor and other operating expenses have surpassed the profit margin of many businesses. We’ve developed a tool to help you calculate your business’s increased costs due to inflation, examine their impact to the health of your business and develop a pricing model to keep your business afloat.

It’s a powerful tool that only requires a few basic inputs to provide insight into your operation to ensure you remain profitable. Fill out this form to access the inflation impact calculator.

NPP does not collect data from this calculator or have any visibility to use of this calculator after it has been downloaded.

With the Inflation Impact Calculator, you can calculate:
  • Your business’s unique inflation rate
  • Pre and post-pandemic operating costs with a line by line comparison
  • What happens to your bottom line if you change prices and gain or lose customers as a result
Why We Created a Pool Industry Inflation Calculator

Every day, Americans are feeling the impact of inflation as they fill up their tank, check out at the grocery store or head out on the town. That’s why we developed our pool industry inflation calculator.

Within the pool industry, we’re feeling inflation, but at much higher levels than the national average. Monthly inflation for the past 12 months has averaged 5.7 percent nationally. Across the pool industry, it has been much higher–reaching between 25 and 35 percent in some areas!