National Pool Partners Surpasses More Than 10,000 Pools in Florida With Additional Acquisitions

Florida’s top pool service brands Pool Doctor and Magnolia Pool and Spa join forces with the nation’s premier pool service aggregator


ORLANDO, Fla. (Nov. 17, 2021) – National Pool Partners (NPP), the nation’s premier multi-regional pool service company, today announced that it has acquired Pool Doctor and Magnolia Pool and Spa bringing the total number of pools serviced by NPP brands in Florida to nearly 11,000. Pool Doctor and Magnolia Pool and Spa now join other great brands in Florida such as B&B Pools in Pompano Beach, Aloha Pool Service in Ft. Lauderdale, Everclear Pool Service in Inverness, and Patriot Pool and Spa in Oxford, Florida. Since its launch in January 2021, NPP has rapidly expanded its footprint across Texas, Arizona and Florida, establishing itself as the go-to acquirer for the industry’s most successful and respected service brands. Today, NPP is the fastest-growing pool service aggregator in the country.


“We’re very selective when looking for premier brands to join NPP, so we’re excited to not only expand our presence into the West Coast of Florida, but to add companies that culturally fit our vision,” said Bryan Banta, founding partner and president of Florida at NPP. “Both Pool Doctor and Magnolia have strong teams, internal cultures, and customer-facing brands that will thrive under the NPP umbrella. We’re proud to show that two brands who were once competitors can unite and work together to make sure that we’re overcoming the broad challenges our industry faces while delivering the best possible customer experience.”


With more than 20 years in the pool industry, Pool Doctor co-owners, Mark and Barbara Forster are veterans in the space. They’ve built a world-class pool service business servicing nearly 3,000 pools every week. Pool Doctors has built an exemplary reputation and unique branding, that includes their highly recognizable yellow service trucks. These traits along with numerous accolades and other attributes, make Pool Doctor an institution in Southwest Florida pool service. Since NPP has acquired Pool Doctor, the Forsters are retiring from the pool service industry to pursue other interests.


“From the beginning, NPP valued our business highly and acted with integrity. Now we’re confident that our business and team members have a great future with NPP,” said Forster. “After our first meeting with NPP, we knew that we wanted to do business with this company because they’re pool people who understand our business, and they’re able to bring additional resources, professionalism and opportunities that will cause the business to flourish.”


Co-owners of Magnolia Pool and Spa, Harry and Renee Geller, will join the NPP team in management roles. Harry will be the director of operations for the West Coast of Florida while Renee will be branch manager, where she will continue to lead the Magnolia team. They joined the pool industry in 2017 and grew their business significantly in the last handful of years. They’ve built their brand into the professional, well-known and high-caliber business it is today. Pool enthusiasts at heart, the Gellers are fulfilling their dream to pursue professional growth while helping NPP continue to elevate the industry.


“NPP clearly stands out as the future of the pool service industry. It’s very forward-thinking, innovative, and puts people first; that coupled with the best technology and resources is what attracted us to this partnership,” said Harry Geller, owner of Magnolia Pool and Spa. “What differentiates NPP is that they’re focused on the people, putting them first and valuing what they bring to the organization. They value our team, and we’re confident their investments in resources and expertise will help it continue to grow.”


Furthering NPPs goal to expand through acquisitions of only the highest-caliber brands, NPP has acquired the pool cleaning and repair divisions of Magulicks Pool Service in Boca Raton, which will become part of NPP’s B&B brand in Southeast Florida. The construction portion of the business will continue to operate as Magulicks Pool Company.


“This is an example of how NPP is creating new opportunities in the pool service industry that didn’t exist until now,” said Banta. “Top pool service, repair and construction businesses in the Sun Belt that are looking to sell their pool service business can now consider NPP.”


Join the Revolution with NPP

NPP is always looking for passionate pool partners to join the family and expand its footprint across the Sun Belt. Whether you are looking to retire, starting to plan for succession, or wanting to take your business to the next level with new capital, NPP is the strategic partner to bring your vision to fruition.

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